Chatterbox Plus

Chatterbox Plus aims to help meet the emotional and spiritual needs of mums of all ages. We meet on a Wednesday morning (term time only) from 9.30 to 11.15 am and share a variety of short courses, DVDs and more recently books together, ranging from women's and parenting issues, personal development and gentle introductions to the Christian faith.

We have a team of helpers from within the church family who care for the babies and young children, whilst the mums have an hour's quality time spent in conversation over a hot cup of coffee and a biscuit!

Our programme is flexible enough to meet the changing needs of the ladies on each individual course and we find that we often attract mums for a particular season of their parenting journey.

Many mums have enjoyed the sanctuary of Wednesday mornings together and indeed it can be the highlight of their week, so if you would like to find out more information and perhaps sign up for our next course please contact:

Krissie Meseg: 01737 668570