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Believer’s Baptism

The word 'baptise' means to submerge, drown or saturate. When a person is baptised they are buried under the water before being raised back up out of it. Baptism is all about identifying ourselves with Jesus into his death and resurrection. In the New Testament, baptism took place as soon as someone had turned to God and believed in Jesus to be their personal Saviour and Lord of their life. That is why we call it believer's baptism because without believing in what Jesus accomplished through his death and resurrection, baptism makes no

The Bible links baptism so closely to the work of Christ at the cross and his resurrection that it is said to wash away our sins, put to death the nature that ignored God and raise us up into a new life that follows
Jesus. Baptism is therefore essential and marks the beginning of a person's walk with God and entry into the life of the Church. Jesus himself commanded that all who follow him must be baptised.

When we baptise anyone by full immersion into water, we also pray for them to receive the Holy Spirit. The Bible talks of receiving the Holy Spirit as being baptised in Holy Spirit. Only Jesus can baptise a person in Holy Spirit as he is the one who sees right into our hearts and knows if we truly want to follow him. The Holy Spirit is given to us to equip and enable us to live a life that is capable of following Jesus and loving
God with our lives.