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Small Groups

Small groups give us an opportunity to meet informally to study and discuss the Bible together. This provides an opportunity to see how Christian teaching applies to everyday life and a chance to socialise, support one another and pray together.

Everyone is encouraged to be linked to a Small Group for fellowship and support and, where appropriate, we link individuals to someone who can offer one-to-one mentoring.

Our current Small Groups meet on Tuesday morning, Wednesday and Thursday evenings in members' homes or at the Church premises. Daytime groups are possible, but are dependent on the level of interest to host, lead and join in.

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Why do Small Groups exist?

* To provide a safe environment to question, to discuss, to learn, to share
* To enable closer or deeper fellowship with a small number of people from church
* To facilitate the application of Biblical lessons to everyday life – in addition to the general Sunday teaching

What happens at a Small Group Meeting? 

* Bible study
* Discussion on topical issues
* Opportunity to share
* Praying together
* Worship
* Refreshments!