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This area of our web site enables you to 'connect' with us as a modern Church family in many different ways, whether you are new to the church, new to the area, or have been a Church member for years. We are entering the world of technology!

Life can be really busy, but we believe there is much to benefit from being part of a small group. Would you like to join a Home Group? Are you a mum and free on a Wednesday morning? Then you might be interested in reading the Small Groups page to find out what's available at our Church for you and your family.

Please feel free to read about Believer's Baptism and Membership if
either of these aspects of the Christian walk are relevant to you at the moment.

The monthly newsletter is available from the back of the church or by email (in PDF format) from our Administration Deacon by Clicking here. The Sunday morning sermon is available by Clicking here, giving you another opportunity to hear God's word in your own home at your convenience, to make notes and confirm how God is speaking to you through his Word.

In addition to the prayer box in the Church foyer, Prayer Requests can be actioned online.