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A Call to build back better - Ezra

This series on Ezra started on 8th January 2023. Click on the pictures to listen to the sermons

Ezra 1 

January 8th 2023

In the first message of the series Dave Sunman explains the context of Ezra and the relevance for us today

Ezra sermon 2

January 15th 2023

In the second message in the series Dave explores the relevance of the book of Ezra to our worship today

Right foundations

January 22nd 2023

In the third message Dave speaks on the building of foundations for the temple in the time of Ezra and the relevance for us today

Ezra opposition

January 29th 2023

Dave speaks on the opposition that Ezra faced in the building of the temple and encourages us as Christians to likewise overcome opposition that we face today

Ezra 7: 1-10 holding to the word

February 5th 2023

Dave speaks on the important role the word of God had in the life of Ezra and for us today and offers practical suggestions for planning our bible reading

Obeying the Word of God and Giving

February 12th 2023

Glenys Richardson speaks on the need for giving -  both in the time of Ezra and today

The need for purity

February 19th 2023

Dave Sunman concludes the series with a look at the need for purity in the days of Ezra and how to apply these truths in our lives today