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Why become a member of Woodmansterne Baptist Church? 

MembershipThat's a good question!

Belonging to a local Church such as WBC enables individual Christians to work out their faith and exercise their gifting within a community of fellow Christians. WBC is just like a family and family life brings with it both responsibilities and privileges. From time to time significant decisions need to be made within the life of WBC.

While WBC has a Leadership team, important decisions are made by the whole Church and not just the few. In order for any one person to be given the privilege of having their say in decision making, they need to be prepared to demonstrate a meaningful commitment to Church life and those people within it. Becoming a member does just that and signals to the rest of our Church members that a person is serious about identifying themselves within our local community of Christians.

Important decisions are made at our Church Member's Meeting held once every third month.Every member is seen as equal and encouraged to seek for themselves the will of God for the Church. Every member has the right to vote on important issues, having first prayed for God's guidance, as the Church seeks to live out her faith in the wisdom of God together.