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Our Vision

Our plan and vision as a Church is not some distant objective, but an immediate proposition in the here and now...

'To build a community of people united by a life-changing faith in Jesus Christ'

The Bible teaches us that every person's greatest need can only be met by faith in Jesus Christ. That greatest need is to be made right with God. To meet that need, Jesus willingly took Himself to the cross where He confronted those things that separate us from God. The teachings of Jesus tell us that, first of all, God exists and secondly, that we are separated from Him. Our very ignorance or denial of God is proof of this 'wall' of separation. Jesus went to the cross so that the wall of separation could be demolished. This means that the first step to being 'made alive' to God is through faith in Jesus and what he accomplished at the cross. This faith in Jesus is a life-changing faith because, through it, we begin to comprehend the love of God and the incredible measures He took to bring us to Himself. The moment we begin to place our faith in Jesus we begin to embark on a life journey of new discovery through which every aspect of our daily life is lived in the knowledge of who God is.                                                                                                                 Cross

Perhaps the most well known verse in the Bible is John 3:16: 'For this is how God demonstrated His love to the world: He gave His Son Jesus who went to the cross, so that whoever believes (trusts) in Jesus will not be destroyed but will have an abundant life that will never end.' That abundant life begins in this life as we turn to God, believe in Jesus and receive His Holy Spirit who empowers us to live a life that follows Jesus and know God. 

Our vision is to live life looking upon Jesus through the lens of the cross, His resurrection, ascension and return.

Our plan is to respond to God's love demonstrated to us at the cross by loving Him with the whole of our lives.


That's our vision and plan! It's both simplistic and very profound.

Jesus is good news because He saves us from everything that separates us from God. Why is this such good news? Whether we realise it or not, if we remain separated from God this will have eternal consequences: we will eternally remain separated from all of God's goodness and blessings. To try and put this into some kind of perspective, Jesus told us that such eternal separation will be characterised by the 'weeping and gnashing of teeth'. To any reasonable person, that sounds like bad news. But that's what makes the good news of Jesus so good! 

The biggest challenge you or I will ever face in this life is whether or not we choose to personally respond to what Jesus did at the cross.  

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